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Customize Metal Steel Press Punching Stamping Die and Tools Metal Stamping Mold

40 years mold making experience, We provide Customize Stamping Die Service, Need customer provide finished profile drawing or finished products

Product Description:

High Precision Slow Walking Wire Metal Ceiling Perforation Die

A good perforation die is key to the metal ceiling tile. LMS metal ceiling perofation molds are use top quality DC53 material, and we guarantee at least 15 million punches for each punch dies.


Material: DC53

Mold making Method: slow-walking wire

Using life: at least 15million punches, according the good maintance

Perforation die: 6 raws of holes, 8 raws of holes, 4 raws of holes

Perforation Die Photos:

lms slow walking perforation die
punch die
600x600mm metal ceiling with perforations



  1. if customer both making aluminum and GI ceiling, the thickness of aluminum is 0.5-1.0mm,  the thickness of galvanized coil is 0.4-0.7mm, whether can share the same perforation die?
    Answer: can’t, the thickness range must in 0.3mm.
  2. whether can i keep up mold and only change down mold?
    Answer: Yes, Can
  3. why other suppliers’ perforation mold only cost usd4500, but yours cost usd6500?
    Answer: the difference between fast walking wire cutting and slow walking wire cutting can answer this questions. Article link→ What is the difference betweeen fast wire cutting and slow wire cutting mold?


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Please send us roll forming profile with specifications, thickness and other processing requirements for our customized machine.If you need standard machine, please send us the model you want.