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Linear Strip Metal Ceiling Making Machine (Copy)

LMS machinery provides full solutions for metal ceiling machinery, such as square metal ceiling machines, open cell / grilyato ceiling machines, baffle ceiling machines, and linear strip ceiling machines.


Product Description:

LMS S-Shaped Linear Strip CeilingRoll Forming Machine

Linear Strip Ceiling Systems are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Additionally, panels can be plain and perforated.

LMS machinery offers full solutions of high-quality linear strip ceiling roll forming machines.

Different widths of linear strip ceilings can be produced on the same system, only need to input the requested on the touch screen, then the servo motor will drive the rollers to the requestion position. Automatic edge bending is optional for high-end product clients.

Production Line Process Layout:

Raw Material Uncoil – Leveling – Roll Forming – Cutting – Profile ceiling machine


B-Shaped Linear Strip Ceiling Profiles Photos:



Reference Photos for your understanding of machine structure:


Installation View for B-Shaped Open Strip Ceiling:



It is widely used on industrial and civil buildings, special buildings, large-span steel structures, interior wall decorations, exhibition halls, airports, stadiums, anti-corrosion of steel structures, oil platforms, ships, airplanes, bridges, partition panels, ceilings, roof board, carriage, etc.



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