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Hydraulic Press to Make Corner Notching Part of Ceiling Tile

LMS Hydraulic forming machine is a machine that can perform processing operations such as forming, pressing, and punching of metals, and other materials using hydraulic system drive.

Product Description:

Hydraulic Press Forming Machine for Metal Ceiling Tile

Hydraulic Press For Corner Notching

Hydraulic Press For Clip-in and Lay-in Bending Forming

LMS Metal Ceiling Tile Bending Forming Machine is used for bending and forming different shapes and sizes of ceiling tiles by changing molds. Different Shapes as clip-in, lay-in, and tegular on tiles, and sizes include 300×300,300×600,600×600,600x1200mm, etc.

The bending machine uses four columns hydraulic press to do the four sides of the corner notching and bending to different shapes and different sizes need to equip different capacities of hydraulic press.

Hydraulic Press Mode and Capacity:

For producing a 600x600mm ceiling, we will use a 60Ton hydraulic press to make notching, 120ton Press make forming

For producing 600x1200mm ceiling tile, we will use a 230-ton hydraulic press to make forming.

Machine Parameters:

Machine Name: Metal Ceiling Tile Bending Press Forming Machine
Usage: Forming Square Suspended Metal Ceiling Tiles
Ceiling tile Size: 300x300mm,600x600mm, 600x1200mm, 300x1200mm, 600x1800mm, 450x450mm
Automatic: Manual operation or fully automatic production with auto manipulator and stacker
Certificate: CE certificate, ISO 9001 certificate
Machine power: 380V 50Hz or according to the customer’s request
Machine Speed: 15pcs/min for manual operation, 10pcs/min for auto bending forming
Main features: Equip with air cooling system, famous brand hydraulic system, light curtain safety protection

Online Process Flow: Decoiler – Leveling device-Double head Cylinder for cutting and forming – Run-out table

Offline Flow: Manual input ceiling tile pieces and manual forming, can equip the manipulator

Angle Notching and forming one step continuous forming mold





Relative Machine List:

40Ton Hydraulic Press

120Ton Hydraulic Press

230Ton Hydraulic Press



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