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Ascoustic Metal Ceiling Tile Fabric Coating Machine

The non-woven coating line is used to fix the textile on the acoustic metal ceiling tiles with the function of dust-proof and sound-absorbing.

Product Description:

Acoustic Metal Ceiling Tile Non-woven Coating / Fleece Gluing Machine

LMS Metal Ceiling Non-woven coating Machine is used to install the non-woven textile on the acoustical metal ceiling tiles and this line is compatible with different sizes of metal ceiling tiles, such as 300x300mm,300x600mm, 600x600mm,1200x600mm, etc.

This production line contains the following procedures:  Textile Automatic Loading and cutting device,  Textile Gluing Device, Flattening,  Glue Dryer Line, and Output bed.

The automatic fleece sticking production line contains a precision servo system to make sure precise installation for metal ceiling tiles.

Drying and Cooling Section for quick drying and cooling after textile sticking.

Main Parameters:

Machine Name: Non-woven Fabric Coating Machine
Coat Ceiling tile size: 300x300mm,300x600mm,600x600mm,600x1200mm etc
Automatic: Full Automatic
Machine Speed: 15pcs/min
Control Method: PLC+HMI+Servo motor control

Ceiling Tile Gluing Machine Compositions:

No. Equipment Qty
1 Textile Loading, coating, and cutting machine 1 set
2 Heating oven line 1 set
3 Air cooling line 1 set


Fabric coating line photos:

Textile Loading main machine
Glue spray and cutting

Drying line and air cooling line

Coating Effect


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