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600x600mm clip-in lay-in Metal Ceiling Full Automatic Production line With Perforation Without Cleaning

LMS Full Auto 600x600mm Square Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line was created specifically to produce metal ceilings in a variety of shapes and sizes. and we also provide a one-stop solution for square metal ceiling tiles. for example ceiling cleaning and drying machine, non-woven fabric coating machine, metal perforation line, stacking line, packaging line,etc

Product Description:

600x600mm clip-in lay-in Metal Ceiling Full Automatic Production line With Perforation Without Cleaning

Machine Name: Full Automatic 600X600 Metal Ceiling Production Line
Material: GI Steel /Aluminum Coil
Product Size: 600x600mm
Automation: Full Automatic with PLC control
Certificate: CE certificate, ISO911 certificate
Machine Power: 380V 50Hz 3Phase, or according to the customer’s request
Speed: 5-6pcs from uncoil to discharging with perforation
Machine Features: High precision, with cooling system, slow-wire punch mold, Japan DC53 Punch Pins, with loading car and film applicator

LMS Ceiling Tile 600×600 Full Automatic Production Line with Film Applicator is mainly used for the production of decoration metal ceiling tiles. The full production line includes automatic material Uncoil, first leveling, High-Speed Gantry with NC feeding perforation, corner cutting, second precession leveling, manipulator, and bending.

This production line is fully automatic, with high precision and fast production speed. It is the fully automatic line for 600×600 ceiling panels. both clip-in and lay-in designs could be produced by changing tools on the same machine.

Production speed from Uncoil to discharging (including perforation) could be about 5-6 pieces per minute. The semi-automatic line for various designs of clip-in and lay-in tiles is also available.

Other relevant metal ceiling machines such as Non-woven fabric coating lines, metal ceiling tile washing lines, and the Metal ceiling bending machine for continuous forming could be combined in this full automatic line as well.   Welcome to send your request to us for further discussion.

  • LMS Metal Ceiling Tile 600X600 Full Automatic Line Photos:

Hydraulic Decoiler with Loading Car- Film Applicator-First Leveling Device-High Speed Gantry Punch

Notching and Cut-off Oil Press
Second-Time Leveling Device
Perforation Punch Details
Forming Oil Punch
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Lay-in Ceiling Installation Guide
Clip-in Metal Ceiling Installation Guide



Shipping in 80-100 days

Loading in 1x40GP and 1x20GP


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