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U35-110×30-200 Width and Height Full Automatic Adjust U Shape Baffle Ceiling Machine

The high-speed U shape baffle ceiling machine is fully automatic PLC control type machine, the size and length can be adjustable automatically

Product Description:

Width and Height Full-automatic Adjust U Shape Baffle Ceiling Machine

Made in Galvanise or Aluminium with a special unique powder coating finish on the panel ensuring a high level of resistance & superior durability, the U-Shaped Baffle Ceiling is an easily installable and extremely versatile interior ceiling system. It can be installed horizontally or vertically according to the requirement. With an extensive variety of shapes, colors, materials & finishes, this system offers endless design & utility choices. Price-effective yet hugely durable for external cladding.

Main Parameters:

  1. Machine Name:  Baffle Ceiling Making Machine
  2. Material: PPGI, Galvanized Steel
  3. Thickness: 0.40-0.45mm ( According to customer’s requirement)
  4. Speed: 40m/min
  5. Shape: U shape, width, and height adjustable
    Bottom Width: 35-110mm, Flange Height 30-200mm
  6. Power supply: 380v 50hz 3phase, according to customer’s requirement
  7. NC control full automatic production

U Shape Baffle Ceiling Machine Production Process Flow:

Hydraulic Decoiler- 21 roller precession leveling- Main Roll forming machine (14 groups)- Servo motor servo shearing- Output table






Baffle Ceiling Machine Photos:

hydraulic decoiler for baffle ceiling
Baffle Ceiling Hydraulic Decoiler
21 roller high precession leveling device
U Shape Baffle Ceiling 21 roller precession leveling machine
adjustable baffle ceiling machine rollers
Forming Rollers for Baffle ceiling machine
baffle ceiling machine motor
lms baffle ceiling machine electric control box PLC
Electric Control Box for Baffle ceiling machine












Baffle ceiling machine adjustable cutting blade
Adjustable Cutting blade, No need to equip more cutting molds
adjustable cutting blade
Adjustable size cutting blade

Installation and application:

U Baffle Ceiling

LMS Suspended Drop Ceiling System Machine List:

  1. Baffle Ceiling Machine
  2. Open Cell Ceiling Machine
  3. Linear Strip Ceiling Machine
  4. Carrier Making Machine
  5. T grid Making Machine

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