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LMS Open Cell Ceiling Coner L Strip Production Line

The L Strip is the decoration part for an open cell ceiling system, which can be made simply by a press brake machine or by this roll forming line.

open cell ceiling edge cover L strip machine


Product Description:

LMS Open Cell Ceiling Corner L Strip Production Line

LMS Open Cell Ceiling line is usually suggested for making production together with U shape Cell Ceiling Machines, some customers also choose manual production on a bending machine instead of purchasing a production line, this is all according to the customer’s production need.

Open cell ceilings are popular in modern and contemporary settings, as they offer a visually striking and unique look that can complement a variety of design styles. They are often used in commercial spaces, such as offices, retail stores, and restaurants, as they offer a high level of acoustical performance and can help to absorb sound and reduce noise levels in the space.

Open Cell Ceiling Corner L Strip Production Line Component:

No. Components
1 Manual Decoiler 1 Set
2 Leveler 1 Set
3 Servo Feeder 1 Set
4 Punching Press 1 Set
5 Cutting unit 1 Set
6 Manipulator 1 Set
7 Hydraulic Press 1 Set
8 Run-out table 1 Set
9 Electric Control System 1 Unit


L Strip Production Line Photos and Finished Profile:

(1) Manual Decoiler: Loading capacity:1000kgs. No power, manual expansion to tighten the coil (2) Leveler: 7 Nos. Rollers

Servo Feeder: Feeding material thickness: 0.3-0.4mm, Feeding length, Adjustable
Coolant Sprayer
Punching tool Punching distance: 50/60/70/86/100/150/200 8sIZES capacity: 120 strokes /minute
Cutting die: 1 set, Capacity: 180 strokes/minute
Finished Products
Finished products-L Strip
Installation with Cell Ceiling


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