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LMS Open Cell Ceiling U15x37 U15x47 Griliato Production Line

One machine to produce open cell grille ceiling and grille carrier by changing mould to achieve a complete grille ceiling installation solution.

Product Description:

LMS Open Cell Ceiling U15 Grilyato Production Line

One of our most prominent products is the automatic open-cell suspended ceiling machine, also known as the Grilliato metal ceiling-producing machine. It includes the following production steps: decoiler of raw materials, hole punching, main roll formation, and gathering of finished goods


LMS U15 Griliato Ceiling Making Machine Main Parameters:

NO. Item Parameter
1 Suitable Material: PPGI / Aluminum Coil
2 Material Thickness: 0.3-0.4mm, according to the customer’s request
3 Profile Size: U15x37 / U15x47 (Main & Cross)
4 Punching Step: 50/60/75/86/100/120/150/200mm
5 Cutting Length: 592.2mm (one size)
6 Production Speed: 5M (50mm ) ~12M (200mm)/ Minute
7 Cutting Tolerance: ±0.1mm
8 Production Process: Material Coil → Decoiling → Leveling →  Punching→Cutting → Conveying → Roll Forming → Discharge → Finished Profile.


Cell Ceiling U15X37, U15X47 Production Line Composition:

NO. Equipment Qty
1 Manual Decoiler 1 Set
2 Leveler 1 Set
3 Servo Feeder 1 Set
4 Power Press 1 Set
5 Cutting Unit 1 Set
6 Conveyor 1 Set
7 Roll Forming Machine 1 Set
8 Run-out Table 1 Set
9 Electric Control System 1 Unit


Machine Photos and Details:

(1) Decoiler: Loading capacity: 1000kgs. Manual Expansion to tighten the coil (2) Leveler: 7 Nos. Leveler rolls.0.75kw
Power Press: (1)Punching Tools: 2pcs (for Main grid and Cross grid) (2)Punching distance: 50~200mm 8sizes (3) Power press: 16ton
Cutting unit: cutting tools:1pc, Press Power:2 Tons, Motor:0.55kw 180 strokes/minute, cut to length: 592.2mm
Conveyor: Auto conveying, speed adjustable, motor power:90w,220v
Roll forming machine: forming rollers: 14 stations include straightening Driven by gear and chain
Finished profile
Finished profile

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