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600x600mm Full-Automatic Perforation & Forming play_circle_outline Learn More
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U10,U15 Open Cell Griliato Ceiling Machine play_circle_outline Learn More
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Tee Grid
Production Line
Flat T Bar, FUT, Groove T, Center Black T play_circle_outline Learn More
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LMS Machinery Metal Ceiling Solutions

1.  Square Metal Ceiling Production Lines

2. Perforation Line

3. Cleaning and drying machine

4. Fleece Coating Machine

5. Drop Ceiling Making Machine

6. Light Keel System  ( T, V,U, C Shape Keel Production Lines)

7. Ceiling Grid Systems

8. Light Gauge Steel Frame Machine

9. 2023 New Technology- GIGA Aluminum Clip-in Honeycomb Ceiling Panels


GIGA Aluminum Clip-in Honeycomb Ceiling Panel Machinery and Products

LMS International Limited

Metal Ceiling Systems

Widely used in airport, metro, office, interior decoration etc

Perforated Ceiling Tile
Plain Metal Ceiling Tile
Open Cell / Griliato
Ceiling Grids
V Shape Closed Linear
Linear Strip V Shape
U Baffle Ceiling
Baffle Ceiling
Linear Strip G Shape
Perforated Ceiling and Linear Strip Ceiling

About LMS

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LMS INternational limited

is established on 1980s and is dedicated on researching, developing, desgining and manufacturing all kinds of high speed, high precision cold roll forming machines,  precision servo feeder straightener with uncoiler,  press servo feeder, automatic metal ceiling perforation line, auto press shuttle robot and etc.
Our machinery and production line had been exported to Europe, Middle East, Afria, South Asia, South America,   etc.